Staging a Home for Sale

staging-homes-for-saleSo the question is, whether staging of your home for sale is really necessary in order to get the best price. Studies have shown consistently that generating greater numbers of potential buyers will produce more buyers willing to pay higher dollars for your home.  It stands to reason then, making the initial appearance of your home as positive as possible will inspire more home buyers to spend a greater amount of time considering your home.

Staging allows more beautiful images to be taken, and photos of a well staged home bring greater emotion and desire to buyers’ hearts, which translates into more buyers visiting your home in person.  You want buyers in your home, and for as long as possible, since that is the critical time when they can really begin to envision their own lives there.

A major psychological pull for buyers is that moment they begin to imagine their own furniture in your home, their daughter loving a certain bedroom, their son climbing the big tree in the backyard. Make the home look like a dream and more buyers will want it. When is the last time you saw the model home in a new home subdivision furnished with worn furniture, wacky paint colors, and photographs of the builder’s latest family reunion on the wall?

Staging can be extensive and expensive, or completed on a more frugal budget.  Any real estate agent will tell you, at whatever level you’re able to accomplish home staging – do it!  This is a step you do not want to skip, or you will likely pay for it by unnecessary extra time on the market, more difficulty in negotiations, and a lower final selling price.

Staging your Home for Sale: Inexpensive Tips

  • Depersonalizing your home, allows buyers to more easily forget about the family that currently lives there and begin to see their own family settling in.
  • Neutral paint colors will match the furnishings of more of your potential home buyers, meaning more of them will be able to visualize furnishings they already own “working” with the home’s current color scheme.
  • Put your best furniture forward, and hide all the rest!  Torn, stained or outdated furniture has no place in a home for sale.  Put out any nicer pieces to highlight them, Remove large bulky, torn and broken pieces, and use slip covers on outdated pieces that you need to keep around to balance different rooms and areas.
  • Decluttered, the home not only offers a substantially more spacious feel, but also allows home buyers to concentrate on the house rather than knick-knacks, over-furnished rooms, and your exercise bike.
  • Clean, clean, clean!  You have to understand that what looks to you to be “livable”, can appear to someone else as “contaminated.” That is your toothpaste smear on the sink, your grim in the kitchen grout, and your dust bunnies in the bedrooms. Call buyers selfish, but if you’re wanting to ask them to pay top dollar for your home you have to offer it to them in pristine shape.

Good luck!

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