Atlanta Real Estate – July 2017

Atlanta Housing Market Trend

July 2017 Realtors Market Brief

Atlanta Real Estate Market Brief

A Word from 2017 Atlanta REALTORS® President Bill Rawlings: “Home values are rising at reasonable levels, and the Atlanta market has stayed accessible to both buyers and sellers. The local market has consistently had around a three-months’ supply for the past year, with sale prices improving reliably yet without the rapid acceleration of some other major cities.”

Real estate is a cyclical business.  Generally speaking, in a stable economy the prices of homes will often rise for several years, then have a temporary downturn of pricing (aka: a Correction), then those prices will rise again to higher than before.  Unless there is a particular negative issue with an area or particular property, this is pretty normal behavior for our real estate market.

At this point in time, appreciation is steady within the Atlanta market.  We have relatively low inventory and more than ample buyers.  This is a win for today’s sellers, as nice homes move fast.  It’s a win for buyers, because thought they’re paying a bit more than they might wish for a property, continued appreciation would bring them more equity as time rolls by.

Truly, the very nicest new listings are practically sold before their signs goes up. As an example, I wrote two offers this week alone, both were on brand new listings (not new homes), and both had multiple offers almost immediately with one having as many as FIVE OFFERS!  Incredible!

On the nicest new listings, buyers will often need to be kind with their offers if they hope to win a contract.  Buyers that are not generous can very easily lose a favorite pick or two before they learn.

Sellers of nice homes in great condition can often expect multiple offers, as long as their initial pricing is “fair.”  Strong buyers are waiting for your home if you’ve taken good care of it and price it correctly.  Spend a little money to fix up those glaring deficiencies in advance of listing, and you’ll find selling much easier and your return much greater.

If you care to sell your home and save thousands on commissions, do please give me a call.  I’m not going to fill your head with stories of gimmicky advertising tricks.  Get the truth, get your home in front of everyone who has an agent, or owns a computer or smart phone, and get it sold just as fast as the gimmick agents, but at less cost to you.  Simple, honest, affective exposure of your home, and more money in your pocket.  Let’s do this thing!