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About Milton, Georgia

Milton, Georgia is one of Georgia's newest cities, officially formed December 1, 2006. The beginning population was around 20,000 people covering over 23,000 acres, but you can expect that population to continue to grow as development in the area is tremendous and the community extremely inviting to newcomers. Most of the new home development in the area is above the $600,000 mark, with many homes and estates selling at well above the million dollar mark. Long established areas have more modestly priced homes, but those properties falling outside of separate communities may be subject to being swept up for tear down of current structures to have larger homes built in their place.

The new city on the top end of Fulton County is bordered on the northwest by Cherokee County, the northeast by Forsyth County, on the southeast by the city of Alpharetta and on the southwest the city of Roswell. Milton has double the area of Alpharetta but a third less in population. With that you can see how much growth opportunity is available here. Expect the area to boom over the next decade.

Milton Equestrian Homes

Milton's Equestrian Lifestyle

One of Milton's action Items:  Promote and Retain the Equestrian Culture and Community

  • Increase awareness of equestrian community
  • Include equestrian uses in the city-wide trail plan
  • Co-sponsor equestrian-related events.
  • Establish infrastructure requirements and development standards that are equestrian-friendly

Milton Residential and Commercial Development Plan

Currently about 85% if the city of Milton is zoned residential one acre, meaning a minimum one acre lot per home. The primary mixed use/commercial areas are Crabapple a few miles west of GA 400 and just north of Rucker Rd., and the Deerfield area adjacent to GA400 to the west, including Windward Pkwy and a bit to the north. Crabapple will maintain a maximum 3 stories with moderate density. Deerfield is expected to be a higher density area with commercial buildings allowed up to 16 stories.

A new zoning plan has been implimented which allows property owners in low density areas to "sell" their future development rights directly to those in higher density areas. Called "Transfer of Development Rights", an owner of perhaps a 5 acre horse ranch would be allowed to sell the rights to develop 4 more homes on his land to a developer in either of the high density areas mentioned above to allow that developer to achieve their developmental goals. Upon transfer, that horse ranch property would no longer be able to build extra homes on that property in perpetuity.

This is an interesting idea and will allow for developers to benefit by more easily achieving their planning goals, allow low desity area property owners to financially benefit from rights they're allowed to sell, and the community to benefit by allowing great "greenspace" in those lower density areas.

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Milton Zip Codes

Information for Milton, GA ZIP Code 30004 (around 95% of Milton is in this zipcode)
Median household income - $106,551
Median home cost - $281,280
Population - 51,390
Population density (per sq. mile) - 870
Population growth since 2000 - 77.35%
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Information for Milton, GA ZIP Code 30075 (Roswell edge of Milton)
Median household income - $102,609
Median home cost - $330,200
Population - 52,573
Population density (per sq. mile) - 1,715
Population growth since 2000 - 13.72%
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Information for Milton, GA ZIP Code 30040 (Cumming edge of Milton)
Median household income - $82,205
Median home cost - $246,000
Population - 54,653
Population density (per sq. mile) - 921
Population growth since 2000 - 28.76%
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