Thinking of a Move

Atlanta Home Buyers

When is it time to move?

While you may love your current neighbors, sometimes your needs change and a move to a new neighborhood is required.  There are many reasons for making a move.

  1. First home purchase:  Many consider their home to be their greatest investment.  Instead of paying rent, it may be time to start paying toward equity in your own property.  With a mortgage, over time you will build your equity in the home, which can help you to grow a larger down payment for a larger home in the future.  Your equity may be able to be accessed in time of need, for medical expenses, or to complete repairs or upgrades to your current home.  Home appreciation is also a great benefit you can experience in a smart home purchase.  As the years go by, and while the market is appreciating, your home is earning you money with no extra effort from you.
  2. Relationship and job changes often require a move.
  3. Aging can make a home with a lot of stairs or other impediments difficult over time.
  4. Higher performing Schools is a very common reason for a move. Your children’s education is important and many parents will give up a nicer home to purchase in the best school zone they can afford. Often the homes are more expensive because of the limited number of homes attending the most highly rated schools.
  5. Downsizing or upsizing based on changing financial ability, growing families, empty-nesting, etc.
  6. Finally, as our old photo indicates, maybe it is simply due to your neighbors. While fences can often make good neighbors, sometimes a fence just isn’t enough. Loud music, lawn art, disagreements, an unkempt yard; there are many reasons you may no longer wish to live in a community.  While just trying to get away from your neighbors may seem a horrible reason to have to move, look for other advantages that will come with your change of homes, like schools, commute time reduction, etc. to help make this decision a true positive.

Contact a Realtor for Your Move

When it’s time to make your move, be sure to reach out to an experienced Realtor to assist you. An experienced Realtor spends every day driving through and investigating different neighborhoods and homes to determine all the pros and cons of each. This experience will greatly benefit you, while trying to evaluate the best neighborhood and home selection for you and your family.

[Credit to my friend Linda M. for letting me share an old family photo.  As a youth, she did not have her first pair of shoes until she was in 8th grade.  A word toward our greater purpose… please remember, much of our reality is based on outside influences of which we have no control.  Be kind to everyone that you meet!  You have no idea what difficulties others have had in their lives, or who they could have become should they have been raised with the same blessings and influences you enjoyed.]

Jim Koza – Realtor/Owner of The AtlantaPros Team