Alpharetta North Point Mall Revitalization Approved!

Approved Addition and revitalization rendering

I attended an excellent and extremely informative meeting at City Hall and in front of the Alpharetta City Council, Monday, February 25, 2019. I was also proud to stand up and speak in support of the incredible well planned revitalization project for North Point Mall. With the downfall of Sears nationwide, the Sears structure attached to North Point Mall will now be demolished and replaced with 300 nice apartments (three attractive buildings). That is not all either, by far… there will also be outdoor recreational fields, street level shops, three separate restaurants structures, fountains (one similar to Olympic Park for children’s play), an outdoor entertainment venue, bike trail leading to the greenway, and more.

This recreation of the mall will include a wide variety of today’s trends and incorporate them, with walkability, bike-ability, pleasant outdoor spaces, tons of activities for parents with children (play areas with raised parent viewing area, rock climbing, play tunnels, and more), and a terrific environment that will not be limited to the tenants of the rental units. No, this is all about the community, with activities and areas that can be enjoyed by the public, and will also bring additional activity to the adjacent North Point Mall.

This was not an easy life. Alpharetta has become a very proactive supporter and engineer of new development, as you’ve seen with Avalon, downtown Alpharetta, and the Thomson Street corridor that has been redeveloped as an equally nice connector between the two.

As a long time Alpharetta resident of 15 years, and owner of my own two Alpharetta businesses (Alpharetta Beach Volleyball Courts and Atlanta Real Estate Pros, Inc.), I could not be more proud of what our mayor, planning department and city council are doing to keep Alpharetta the best city to live in within Metropolitan Atlanta. I receive calls nearly every day from out of state folks asking where I might suggest they move to Atlanta, and Alpharetta has well earned it’s place as a top pick.

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