Shopping Home Mortgage Loans

Home Mortgage Loans

Shopping Home Mortgage Loans

In a study by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), we learn what we always feared.  Nearly half of home buyers looking for home mortgage loans seriously consider only one lender for their home purchase.

This is evidence that there continues to be a significant misunderstanding about the different relationships buyers have between their real estate agents, and their mortgage loan officers.

You’re a Client of a Buyer’s Agent

Buyer’s Agents work exclusively for you, with a legal obligation to take care of your best interests throughout your home purchase process. You are a “Client” of your Buyer’s Agent, so your agent is 100% on your side, always working toward your greatest advantage in all situations.

You’re a Customer of a Mortgage Lender

Mortgage Professionals works for themselves and their companies. You are a “Customer” of your loan officer, which means your loan officer also considers his or her own best interests while working with you.  When providing loan options to you, a better “yield” (earnings) to the loan officer is high on their list of considerations.  This means that if your loan officer knows you are not speaking with any other loan officers (shopping your loan), it may be much easier to get you to sign the papers on a loan option with a higher yield.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has launched a new Rate Quote Tool that allows home buyers and refinancers to compare local rates without displaying specific lenders.  This tool will help you gain a better understanding of your mortgage situation while speaking with lenders.

Shop Your Home Mortgage Loan

Letting a loan officer know you are speaking with other lenders will help assure you receive the best loan options to consider.

Informing you of this mortgage lending reality and recommending you shop your mortgage loan to at least three lenders is just one example of how we as your Buyer’s Agents will always be working to protect your interests at all times.