Best Present for your Children

Christmas Wish

Video: What do your children really want for Christmas

If you’re a parent, take a moment to watch this video.  For some of us, this may be a real eye opener.

What is the very top present our children wanted for Christmas this year? Was it the newest or that most popular toy? A video game, stuffed animal or a giant playscape for their favorite toy characters? As you would, or at least should have expected… no, those presents are not at all close to what our children desired the most.

This eye opening video makes it quite apparent, the gift our children want most… the gift they desired above all else… was quite simply more time spent with us.

Who’d have thought that when we dug down deep and gave children the real opportunity to pick a whole list of terrific toys and trinkets… that they’d drop their entire list of material joys for the genuine heartfelt blessing of more attention from us.

What have we done? Through seeking the esteem of our peers, along with our own monetary goals and personal passions, we have ignored our own greatest gifts, the ones we already have in our lives; the pure love of our children.

We are here to guide them into becoming wonderful adults, and show them how love is more important than all the material things that circle our lives, but instead we often teach them that toys are the goal, and in turn that love matters little. He who has the most wins. Of course, in our hearts we know that’s not true, but we have to show that to our children by our own example.  Time… time is our gift. Let’s share our time with our children. Let them know how important they are to us. Make every moment count… do it now… today. Give our children that one great gift that they desire most in this world – our loving attention.

Today, make a new commitment to our children.  Set aside an extra day each week, or extra hours each day… in other words, make it our unbreakable goal to do something significant to our schedules to allow more time with our children.  And then… keep it up. We will never regret spending more time with our children, but we will certainly regret it if we don’t.  Count on that.

Let’s truly show our love to our children, let them see it, feel it and know it.  We really are their everything… and they should be ours.