Alpharetta Outdoor Alcohol Area

Alpharetta Area for Outdoor Alcohol

Alpharetta Area for Outdoor Alcohol

In 2011 Alpharetta started testing a more social downtown by allowing pedestrians to walk the streets with open containers of less than 16 oz of beer or wine.  The idea is to make the area more pedestrian friendly and have folks share their evening’s experience among multiple restaurants, encouraging more socializing, as well as more window shopping to the benefit of local retail outlets.

The move has allowed greater cross pollination between establishments, overall keeping patrons in the area longer. As a result more establishments have decided to put their own footprint in downtown Alpharetta, and where restaurants are successful, retail shall follow.  Kudos  to Alpharetta for waking up and inviting this more socially friendly environment!  While some establishments don’t offer drinks-to-go due to liability issues, as of this writing, Hop Alley and Smokejack do.

Our long awaited live-work-play Avalon, located on the northwest corner of GA 400 and Old Milton Pkwy, will also allow open containers within it’s perimeter.  Not only great for business, but great for the city of Alpharetta too.  It’s the ability to spread your wings and enjoy a walk while testing other establishments that brings familiarity between faces of the community.  No longer locked into your favorite pub, you’re now invited to more easily investigate what’s happening on the other side of the street.  This is sure to build a greater sense of community for all our Alpharetta citizens and neighbors.

With the success of this plan so far, along with no noticeable impact upon public safety according to local law enforcement, other north Fulton cities are beginning to relax some of their own regulations too.  Changes are occurring in Johns Creek, Milton, Roswell, and Cumming.  Cheers!

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