Real Estate Resources

The Internet provides innumerable websites with information about real estate, homes for sale, property management and more.   You should understand as a home buyer or seller that though much of that information  may be  factual, it may also be regionally based and not the same for your particular location.   For example an Atlanta Georgia real estate transactions are completed differently than a home sale transaction is in California.   Also know that that there is certainly room for errors on the web as well as much data that is solely opinion based.   Please thoroughly complete your research before taking any action in your own  situations.   With that said, here are some resources that you might find helpful.

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Real Estate Guides can often provide general information about the real estate process that can be of assistance in the property purchase and sale process.   Laws change as do  traditional practices of the real estate acquisition process.   Throughout the years  the real estate industry  has come to realize that fairness and ethics  needed to made a priority in dealing with buyers as well as sellers.    Just a  couple decades ago  a home  seller was the only person represented in a real estate transaction.   The agent that brought the buyer into the transaction was by default also a representative of the seller.   That has changed and buyers  can now be fully represented in real estate deals.   Having buyer representation is similar to having  an attorney represent you  in court.    You have someone that is fully on your side in order to assure you're interests are taken into consideration throughout  the purchase and closing  process.    Take your time and do your due diligence to assure you  select an agent that will  best represent you.    

Home Inspectors on the Web

There are very few real estate agents that would say having a home inspection completed before closing on a home is a bad idea.   Because of the complexity of building codes in different municipalities, signs of structural issues, or difficult discern discerne problems with other systems of  a home (electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning, etc.),  having a home inspection by  an experienced professional  Cabo and/or Ashi certified  home inspector is critical.   You have only one opportunity to address defects in your home and that is BEFORE you close on it.   To discover problems after closing is to guarantee gaurantee you'll be paying for repairs out of your own pocket.    Do your due diligence and have a home inspection on your new home.

Mortgage Resources

We are always looking for resources that we can share ideas with and develop new strategies to better take care of our buyers and sellers.   This page is dedicated to many of those websites.   Within this page you will find sites having mortgage calculators, loan ammortization schedules, lists of local real estate companies and Realtors, lending instituations, credit repair assistance, investment suggestions, rental and property flip schedules, etc.   For most Americans the purchase of a home is the biggest and most important investment they'll ever make.   Take your time and give the subject your due diligence as there are many mistakes that can be made.   If you test the waters you could easily catch those potential mistakes before they are made.   Real estate is one of the most exciting endeavors you can participate in, but as with any investment, there is risk.   The stakes are high... be careful. 

Mortgage Loans and Financial

There are innumerable options available for purchasers and those interested in refinancing their current loans.   Because of the tremendous difference of the cost of closing from one state to the next, we recommend having a conversation with a reputable lender in the state you plan to purchase a property.   There certainly could be national lending companies that are fully capable of closing a loan in your state, but regardless of their ability to provide financing for you, a loan officer who has little or no direct experience in your state would certainly have greater difficulty  providing accurate estimates of your costs to close.   Why is this important?   First of all, no one likes to hear one set of figures from a lender upon application only to learn closing is going to cost them more while their sitting at the closing table.   Secondly, in many states certain closing costs can be included within the body of a transaction so those costs are covered within the final loan amount rather than directly out of the borrower's bank account.   Having inaccurate numbers upon writing a contract might just mean that some of your own  savings will be depleted to cover that inaccuracy.

Another thing to consider when selecting your loan provider is that while there are certainly many companies that are likely totally capable of closing your loan efficiently and in a timely manner, you're dealing with an individual human being.   One loan officer may be substantially more experienced than another even within the same mortgage company.   Ask your Realtor for guidance to help you spot  "red flags" that may indicate the loan officer you're relying on may not be providing the level of service that you may wish.   Your Realtor may have a suggestion of a loan officer/company that has performed well for past clients of theirs.   Your friends, family, coworkers, etc. can also be valuable resources to help you find a loan officer that will treat you fairly and professionally.

The provider list below is only for reference and does not in any way indicate our recommendation or even past experience with these providers.   You can also Google "city mortgage loans" to find financing companies in your local community.   Check all sites for signs they are truly a local (local address, local area code in phone number, etc.), as national providers can also come up in local search results.

Good luck and please feel free to call us for questions.

Mortgage Lending

With the new mellenium we've seen the rise of a  new kind of Realtor.   Today buyers can be fully represented as they enter transactions to purchase homes.   Many Realtors now consider their duties to be more on the level of counciling rather than sales.   That is where we fit in.   We always strive to offer full disclosure and provide the highest level of service and advice to  all of our   clients.

In that spirit, we are  always looking for websites that we can share with our visitors.    We hope you will find some of the  resource below  to be valuable in your quest for online information.   If you find that any of these sites is not providing accurate information or is otherwise not worthy of placement here, we ask that you let us know.


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