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Great stress for buyers is wondering if after finding a home they love they'll really be able to purchase it. A prequalification call with a lender could take as little as 15 minutes and removes that concern. Get pre-qualified now, then go out and enjoy your home search.

If you contact any of these lenders, be sure to let them know you're working with The AtlantaPros Team.
We hold all of our recommended mortgage brokers, inspectors, and service professionals to the highest standard. They all know taking excellent care of our clients is required if they are to remain on our recommended list.

Murray Gray - President, Grace Financial Network NMLS 148337
113 Atlanta Country Club Drive SE
Marietta, Ga. 30067
Office: 404-652-0043
Cell: 404-272-6003
Fax: 404-652-0214

James D Willard - Mortgage Loan Originator, NMLS 156311 and MLO NMLS 150039
Liberty Home Mortgages - “A Better Way Home”
400 Perimeter Center Terrace NE, Suite 900
Atlanta, GA 30346
Cell: 770-771-6111
eFax: 800-834-1360

Pre-Qualifying for a Home Loan

By being pre-qualified, you now know exactly what you can afford so you can enjoy your home search.

Why use a lender suggested by your agent? Because your buyer's agent brings much more clout to your loan than if you pick a lender out of a hat. A lender you randomly select only has your loan to lose if the lender does not take care of you. A lender your buyer's agent suggests can lose ALL future business that that buyer's agent may send that lender's way, if that lender treats you poorly. This could mean losing many tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars rather than just a couple thousand dollars for one singular loan. As you can imagine, that's a "big deal" to a loan officer/mortgage broker.!

Applying for your Home Loan: Be Prepared

When you are ready to make your full application (not the prequalification, but the actual loan application in writing), please be prepared to provide the following information:

Application Information (for all applicants)

  • Home address(es) for the previous two years

  • Your social security number(s)

  • Employment information for the previous two years including employer name, address and phone number

  • Income information including salary, overtime, bonuses, commissions, dividends, interest, retirement and any other source of ongoing income

  • Liquid assets including bank name, account type, balance, and source of down payment

  • Other assets including the value of bonds, stocks, life insurance, retirement funds, jewelry, automobiles,


  • Liabilities including creditor names and outstanding balances for all debts including notes payable, 401(k) loans, life insurance loans, stock pledges, alimony, child support, co-sign loans, credit union loans, and other liabilities

  • Real estate owned including property address, market value, outstanding liens, rental income, mortgage payments, taxes, insurance and maintenance dues

    Property Information

Purchase contract The Closing Process

The closing is the final phase of your home buying and mortgage process, so now your new home is just a few steps away. If you haven't already, make sure you do the following:

  • Review your loan commitment with your lender to make sure you understand all the requirements.

  • Set the closing time and date based on your sales contract and the loan commitment expiration.

  • Confirm that a survey of your property has been ordered. Check with your closing agent or attorney.

  • Make preparations to move (notify your landlord, complete change of address forms, arrange for utilities

    to be disconnected at your current address and made available at your new home, and plan your actual


  • Conduct a final walk-through inspection of your home-to-be.

  • Make sure you've satisfied all the requirements of your agreement with the seller.

  • Get a certified or cashiers check from the bank for your closing costs. Cash or personal checks are

    generally not accepted.

    On closing day, ownership of the property will be transferred from the seller to you, and you will sign documents that acknowledge your rights to the property you have purchased, your agreement to repay the money you have borrowed, and the lender's right to the property if you default on the loan.

    A closing agent (an attorney of your choice or a title agency representative, depending on local custom) will coordinate and distribute all the paperwork and funds, according to the terms agreed upon by you and the seller.

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