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Jim is a SEO Expert, and has spent the last twelve years researching and testing SEO techniques for gaining prominent position in Google's organic results for varying critical real estate keywords and keyword phrases. Atlanta is a tremendously competitive real estate market. With tens of thousands of agents, many with multiple websites, plus hundreds of real estate brokerages also offering one or multiple websites to their agents, the competition for page one on Google is incredible. Jim has kept on page one of Google for "Atlanta real estate" in the organic results (not pay-per-click) consistently for over 10 years. A high percentage of AtlantaPros' new business is generated through this consistently high Google ranking for multiple keyword searches.

Focus given to secondary keyword phrases like "atlanta golf and country club homes" also increase site clicks. Other samples of important high ranking secondary keyword phrases include: , "Atlanta Top Schools", and "Atlanta Private Schools." School searches are often performed first by people moving to the area, so ranking highly here can catch prospects before they have a chance to find and click on competitor websites.

Working in real estate 18 years, Jim can optimize pages quickly, rewrite real estate related copy to achieve greater keyword density, and also generate new real estate related pages to help your site achieve a higher authority status with Google in a shorter period of time. While link building has become less important, site structure is critical and content remains KING for search engine optimization.

No tricks! This is time consuming work, but it is essential if you ever hope to gain a significant increase in Google ranking. Those reaching top position on Google will generate incredible lead calls, and registrations, and in turn dramatically increased sales.

SEO Work

  1. Real Estate keyword familiarity
  2. Keyword density in site content
  3. Rewriting of your copy to achieve proper keyword density
  4. Writing fresh real estate related content
  5. Site structure adjustment
  6. Meta tag changes
  7. Alt and title tag changes
  8. Heading tag changes
  9. Photoshop keywords into site images (Google now reads words within images)
  10. Internal linking and structure
  11. External link building

Jim does not perform any dangerous methods (known as "Black Hat") in an attempt to "trick" Google into giving higher ranking, as those techniques also bring great risk of having your site totally banned from Google. What happens if you're banned from Google? You have to rebuild your site completely from scratch on a completely new domain. Be careful of those who say they can guarantee "fast results!" Either they're just saying it, or they're doing something that could potentially jeopardize your Google ranking permanently!

Google is built on a multibillion dollar secret algorithm! You simply must invest the work and the time to show the value of your site to Google in order to gain higher ranking for the keyword phrases that you're interested in.

SEO work is exclusively in real estate, of which Jim is deeply familiar. He can produce quickly from the start. You do not have to explain your business as you would with other SEO providers in order for him to effectively rewrite your copy, plug in proper keyword supportive language, etc. Jim already knows your business, and your work will be done, quickly, efficiently, effectively, and he will never "pad" the hours charged.

Pricing for SEO services is well below the industry standard - if you're unfamiliar with the industry standard for skilled SEO work, this is a very good article: SEO Pricing Reference. Jim is able to provide low cost services due to having no company overhead, nor markup pricing to allow profit over employee compensation. Long-term pre-paid packages will be considered at even greater savings.

*Local Atlanta Realtors can benefit from Jim's services as well for keyword searches that do not conflict with this site. Interested in "Decatur real estate", "Dunwoody realtors", "Gwinnett foreclosures", "Kennesaw homes for sale" or something else? No website can win for all the cities and communities in any metro area. Optimized sites must remain focused on its high priority keywords. For that reason, there are many communities and phrases that are not in AtlantaPros' primary focus which are available to you with Jim's help.

There is no charge to evaluate and discuss your site with you.

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